Global opportunities for Technical, Engineering,

Oil & Gas, Civil and Catering personnel

Permanent Recruitment (Renewable - Contract basis)

WTC is premier Agency to meet all manpower needs of our Overseas and Indian Clients for all types of projects Located anywhere in the world.
We have recruited and deployed various categories of personnel from all over India for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical/Power Projects, Oil Rigs and Refinery/Petrochemical; including shut down jobs, Catering, Transport Companies and Other.

Manage Advertising Campaign & interview:

We provide services to Global Companies who intend to recruit APT Candidate for their management level posts.
Advertising Campaigning in print media is done at the receipt of intimation from clients, collect cvs, informing candidates for final interviews, scrutinizing of certificates etc

Managed Services:

  • Medical Check :

    Being located in the heart of Mumbai and accessible to reputed medical centers & Hospitals, we arrange for Medical Check on behalf of Companies who wish to re-employ their previously employed candidates or pre-selected clients.
  • VISA Endorsement & Immigration Clearance :

    We provide Visa endorsement & Immigration clearance service to Global companies who wish to recruit candidates online & later recruit them by issuing visa.
  • Ticketing / PTA Handling :

    We do arrange ticketing at the best price for bulk booking.
  • Arrange interview venues for the employer, short listing interviewing candidates by qualified experts